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Due to the global nature of our business, it is common for companies to seek intellectual property rights in a number of different countries. To obtain a patent right in a foreign country, a patent should be filed at the patent office of that country by a patent attorney who is registered in the country. Needless to say, a patent attorney should be very familiar with the patent practice in his own country, and at PMG Patent Attorneys we put great effort into ensuring that we are continuously up-to-date with the Japanese practice in order to obtain the broadest possible patent rights for our clients.

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Mr. KANZAKI Makoto joined PMG patent Attorneys to become the President, and Mr. MATSUURA Takashi retired from the President.
The Akasaka office was consolidated with PMG Patent Attorneys to establish one central location housing all of PMG Patent Attorneys.
Honda International Patent Office merged with PMG Patent Attorneys in January 2016 and continues to represent clients as PMG Patent Attorneys / Akasaka Office.
Our office moved to the new location indicated at the bottom of this page on July 12, 2014.
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